Authentic & Original Latin American Dining

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Our mission

To deliver the height of authentic Latin dining in the heart of the South East.


Guests can expect to enjoy a blend of Latin-American ingredients along with fresh, locally sourced produce, with a flavour that they won’t find elsewhere.



Growing up in Loja, Ecuador, I earned my cooking stripes alongside my most treasured culinary icons - my mum and grandmothers. They inspired my love of flavour and quality ingredients, and instilled in me the importance of perfecting and respecting the art of cooking. Large family gatherings called for creative feasting, and I witnessed first-hand the magic that takes place when you bring together friends, family, and food. This has stayed with me throughout my own culinary journey.

A nod to my fathers’ creative influence, I developed the ability to create with my hands a skill that found its way into my cooking. Travelling extensively throughout South America, Europe and across the UK for over 20 years, I have been - and continue to be - captivated by the hand-crafted cooking techniques used by culinary artisans in homes and family run local restaurants. Many of these techniques have become the blueprint for my own versions of traditional dishes which we serve at Galapagos today.

Now owning and running my own restaurant, I often reflect on the times shared with my mum and grandmothers in their kitchens, and the joy and happiness it bought to them preparing meals for others to share. I feel exactly the same way now! Great quality ingredients, the freshest and the best, cooked with passion, it’s the way they worked then and the way I work now. It’s what Galapagos is all about.

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Kate and Andres have introduced a whole host of South American flavours, taking inspiration from Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil to devise a unique menu with a whole host of mouth-watering options

The Galapagos flavour


The menu features a variety of dishes from across all of South America, especially Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. Expect starters such as Ecuadorian Ceviche – a South American speciality of marinated prawns with lime juice, onion, coriander and fresh tomatoes. Causa Peruana – a Peruvian dish of potato layered with a variety of fillings. Argentinian beef is a feature of the main courses, including the rib-eye with chimichurri sauce and Lomo Saltado – a Peruvian flash-fried spicy fillet steak with rice and chips

The Galapagos philosophy


We source our ingredients as locally as possible, being kind to the environment whilst supporting our local economy and communities.

We adore art and Andres’ fathers’ artwork proudly adorn the walls of the restaurants and gardens. We hope that you love them as much as we do.

We strive to create and maintain excellent friendships within our local community and see our guests as family. It’s incredibly important to us that guests enjoy their time at Galapagos, soaking in the good food, good company and good vibes that we have to offer.